Under Table Mountain - Nigel Patten

Under Table Mountain

Under Table Mountain

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The last decade of the 19th century were troubled years in South Africa. Tension between Britain and the two Boer republics increased until war became inevitable. These turbulent times saw many notable figures pass through Cape Town, including Rudyard Kipling, Robert BadenPowell, Jan Smuts, and Cecil Rhodes. All of them would visit "Mon Desir," the home of Sir Henry Juta, barrister, Speaker of the Cape House, and later Attorney General. This is the story of Louise Juta, the youngest of Sir Henry's four daughters, from her birth until she left South Africa in 1904 to go to school in England and never return. It was in Switzerland that the author became a regular visitor to Lady Luia Forbes, as she was then known, during the last years of her long life. His novel is based very closely on Luia's fascinating reminiscences.
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Data wydania: 2012-05-31
ISBN: 9781618971616

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