Let's parler Franglais again! - Miles Kington

Let's parler Franglais again!

Let's parler Franglais again!

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Franglais is back! Apprenez le Franglais en 10 secondes! A delicious second helping of the most humorous and indeed essential languages of all, Let's Parler Franglais Again! will save the day when you find yourself 'Dans le Health Food Shop' having to deal with 'Le Porte-à-Porte Salesman'. Never again will you go blank in le job interview, or when ordering une sandwich dans la boulangerie. So mesdames et messieurs, bienvenue encore à the merveilleux monde of Franglais, the hilarious series that attained first cult and then classic status. C’est a passeport au success social, une garantie of plein de laughter and a heartfelt celebration of des grande union culturelle. MAINTENANT NOMINÉ POUR LE PRIX NOBEL, VIGNT OSCARS, ET LE PRIX FRANGLAIS FOR BEST BOOK DANS L’HISTOIRE Miles Kington was one of Britain's most renowned and best loved journalists. Born in County Down, he grew up in Wales and was educated in Scotland, which was all a big mistake as he was actually English. A presenter, playwright, polymath and wit, he wrote columns for The Times, the Independent, Punch and The Oldie. His other acclaimed titles include Someone Like Me, How Shall I Tell the Dog? and The Franglais Lieutenant's Woman.
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Wydawca: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd
Data wydania: 2015-12-07
ISBN: 9781910859117

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