The City on the Edge of Forever - Harlan Ellison

The City on the Edge of Forever

The City on the Edge of Forever

1 1 5 Autor: Harlan Ellison Czyta: Stefan Rudnicki, Orson Scott Card, Scott Brick, Judy Young, David Gerrold, Jim Meskimen, Paul Boehmer, John Rubinstein, Christian O’Connell, Alex Hyde-White, Bonnie MacBird, Richard Gilliland, Robert Forster, LeVar Burton, Richard McGonagle, Jean Smart, A full cast, Larry Nemecek, Richard J. Brewer, Ryan C. Britt, Veronica Scott
The original teleplay that became the classic Star Trek episode, with an expanded introductory essay by Harlan Ellison, The City on the Edge of Forever has been surrounded by controversy since the airing of an “eviscerated” version—which subsequently has been voted the most beloved episode in the series’ history. In its original form, The City on the Edge of Forever won the 1966–67 Writers Guild of America Award for Best Teleplay. As aired, it won the 1967 Hugo Award.

The City on the Edge of Forever is, at its most basic, a poignant love story. Ellison takes the listener on a breathtaking trip through space and time, from the future, all the way back to 1930s America. In this harrowing journey, Kirk and Spock race to apprehend a renegade criminal and restore the order of the universe. It is here that Kirk faces his ultimate dilemma: a choice between the universe—or his one true love.

This edition makes available the astonishing teleplay as Ellison intended it to be aired. The author’s introductory essay reveals all of the details of what Ellison describes as a “fatally inept treatment” of his creative work. Was he unjustly edited, unjustly accused, and unjustly treated?
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Fantasy i Sci-Fi Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Skyboat Media
Data wydania: 2016-07-26
Czas trwania: 8H 1M
ISBN: 9781504754613

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