The Mystery of Life: How Nothing Became Everything - Jan Paul Schutten

The Mystery of Life: How Nothing Became Everything

The Mystery of Life: How Nothing Became Everything

3 2 5 Autor: Jan Paul Schutten
How did nonliving atoms evolve into modern people? Find out in this engaging illustrated exploration of how nothing became everything.

The science of evolution is a topic of utmost importance, especially as the focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education continues to increase. Fortunately, important doesn’t have to mean boring. From explaining how scientists discovered how life began on earth to speculating about whether space aliens are carnivores, this engaging investigation of all things evolution is infused with fun as well as facts.

Coupled with gorgeous illustrations, curious minds yound and old will discover how to build a planet, the truth about DNA, whether trees really want to be tall, how to survive without a butt, and much, much more!
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla dzieci Tłumaczenie: Laura Watkinson

Wydawca: Aladdin/Beyond Words
Data wydania: 2015-09-01
ISBN: 9781481429184

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