Sunday Mornings in Plains Collection - Jimmy Carter

Sunday Mornings in Plains Collection

Sunday Mornings in Plains Collection

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2008 Audie Award Finalist for Original Work

All three volumes of Jimmy Carter's acclaimed, Grammy-nominated series Sunday Mornings in Plains at a new low price!

For almost three decades, President Carter has taught the adult Bible study at his church in Plains, Georgia where several hundred visitors join him each Sunday to understand the wisdom of the Bible and apply it to their lives. The Sunday Mornings in Plains Collection presents recordings from these classes and includes:

Leading a Worthy Life
Describing basic tenets of Christian living that still resonate today, President Carter speaks to the theme of reconciliation -- with God and with each other and shares insights into the practical application f faith in daily life that will challenge and inspire all of us.

Measuring Our Success
These classes open with President Carter's comments on the eve and outset of the Iraq war, imbuing them with significant and lasting historical interest, and offering a dramatic and moving demonstration of the struggle to reconcile spiritual ideals with the challenges and conflicts of contemporary life.

Bringing Peace to a Changing World
Including President Carter's reflections on his personal experience waging peace in the Middle East and elsewhere, with practical, inspiring examples of how each of us can put these Christian ideals prophesized by Isaiah into practice in our lives and communities.
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Wydawca: Simon & Schuster Audio
Data wydania: 2018-04-10
Czas trwania: 10H 26M
ISBN: 9781508266655

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