The Ice People 10 - Winter Storm - Margit Sandemo

The Ice People 10 - Winter Storm

The Ice People 10 - Winter Storm

4.44 200 5 Autor: Margit Sandemo Czyta: Myanna Buring
Villemo is a force of nature. Her fiery red hair and striking beauty leave a strong impression on everyone who meets her. And her yellow eyes mark her out as one of The Ice People with supernatural powers. She's young, wilful and headstrong, so when she falls in love with the dangerous Eldar, no one can convince her to turn back. But Villemo's story is dangerously entwined with a blood feud - and the threat of rebellion between Norway and Denmark. As Villemo learns about love, and the startling extent of her powers, the Ice People are taken on another dramatic and dangerous journey into the unknown.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Romans Seria: The Legend of the Ice People: 10 Tłumaczenie: Anna Halager

Wydawca: Storyside
Data wydania: 2017-12-01
Czas trwania: 6H
ISBN: 9789177610922

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