Project Manager Technology Suite - Dawn Jones, Sherry Prindle

Project Manager Technology Suite

Project Manager Technology Suite

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You may be a project manager or a stakeholder with “street smarts.” Maybe you have expertise in the nuts-and-bolts of project execution. Or you might be a “book-smart” expert on the rules and tools of the trade. Whatever your strengths, most project managers agree it’s a juggling act to balance people and processes.

Nearly every project requires a balance of both practical and conceptual skills. Now you can fill in the gaps to gain a perfect balance of the two.

The metaknowledge in this course will prepare you to complete projects successfully, but there’s much more. You’ll know why you’re successful, how to improve your processes, and how to create a blueprint for success on every project every time.

Project Manager Technology Suite connects people and projects through the miracle of technology and covers concepts for transforming your level of expertise. The suite includes clear, practical case studies that walk you through proven methods each step of the way. You’ll discover not only how to do it but also what to say to those involved to keep them on board and fully committed.

Isn’t it time you for to learn and master all the planning tools, software, concepts, and processes that the most effective project managers rely on every day? From identifying constraints and creating boundaries, to understanding the dynamics of personality, preference, and values in team dynamics, you’ll discover how to build common ground for everyone on your team. When you connect people and ideas, who knows where the road may take you? It’s up to you, so get started now!

Project Manager Technology Suite teaches listeners how to
strategize and internalize the six-stage process for every project;define and differentiate projects from processes;accurately identify and apply key constraints;rank your projects and yourself for proper prioritization;implement projects in their proper phases;use the right planning tool for the right situation;master the project management aspects of Microsoft Excel;identify communication preferences and challenges;play out team communications with the Colombo Technique;apply methods for conquering all six constraints;become a better communicator;set and achieve smarter goals and objectives;evaluate and improve performance and processes; andadapt to style, culture, priorities, and values variations.
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Wydawca: Made for Success
Data wydania: 2016-09-27
Czas trwania: 4H 25M
ISBN: 9781504770125

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