Silly Stories About Vegetables Books 3 and 4 - Paul Cook

Silly Stories About Vegetables Books 3 and 4

Silly Stories About Vegetables Books 3 and 4

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'Silly Stories About Vegetables Books 3 and 4' consists of six silly short stories about six different vegetables. The first short story is about a pea that was grown on Phoebe's granddad's allotment.. The second short story is about a tomato that goes missing and ends up in a letter box. The third story is about a pumpkin that was sold by a grocer to a boy and his mum at Halloween. The fourth short story is about a leek that didn't get put in Mrs Sidebottom's stew. The children wreaked havoc with that leek when they came home from school. The fifth short story is about a sack of potatoes that goes on a camping trip with Iestyn and Charlie. The potatoes swim with the ducks and then get wrapped up in foil and cooked on the camp fire. The final story is about a cauliflower that doesn't like being on display at the harvest festival in the local church. The cauliflower decides to have some fun and to disrupt the goings on. These stories, which are also available as audio books, can be read by parents to young children or, alternatively, listened to by children of any age. The stories are written and narrated by British author Paul Cook, author of the 'Pete the Bee' stories.
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Wydawca: Author's Republic
Data wydania: 2018-11-27
Czas trwania: 43M
ISBN: 9781982730574

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