Silly Stories About Vegetables: Books 1-3 - Paul Cook

Silly Stories About Vegetables: Books 1-3

Silly Stories About Vegetables: Books 1-3

1 2 5 Autor: Paul Cook Czyta: Paul Cook
Silly Stories About Vegetables Books 1-3 consists of nine silly short stories about nine different vegetables.
The first story is about a stick of rhubarb that meets a hard-boiled egg called Egg while trying to cross a cattle grid.
In the second story, there is a radish that hitches a ride down the street on a skateboard.
The third short story focuses on three meadow mushrooms in a clearing and the silly stories that they imagine, which includes a hippo that goes to school.
The fourth short story is about a sprig of parsley that runs away from a factory, ends up on a fishing boat, and narrowly escapes being eaten in a sandwich.
The fifth short story is about a carrot that finds itself being used as a nose for a snowman before falling into a drain.
The sixth story is about a turnip that causes havoc in the village by rolling down the street, through the park, into the church and bakers.
The seventh story is about a pea that was grown on Phoebe's granddad's allotment.
The eighth story is about a tomato that goes missing and ends up in a letter box.
The final story is about a pumpkin that was sold by a grocer to a boy and his mum at Halloween.
These short stories can be played by parents to young children or, alternatively, listened to by children aged six years old and older. The stories are written and narrated by British author Paul Cook, author of the Pete the Bee stories.
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Wydawca: Author's Republic
Data wydania: 2018-11-27
Czas trwania: 52M
ISBN: 9781982730161

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