Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? - Ian Dunt

Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?

Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now?

3.21 24 5 Autor: Ian Dunt Czyta: Ian Dunt
Journalist Ian Dunt reveals how leaving the European Union will damage Britain's politics, courts, businesses and consumers.

This fast-paced bestseller strips Britain's biggest issue of the gloss put on it by its cheerleaders and exposes it for what it is: a sham.

It is based on extensive research with experts across the law, trade and politics.

It maps the trade and legal cliff edge that Britain faces unless it secures a transitional deal with the European Union — and explains why the odds are stacked against the UK government in the negotiations and how the World Trade Organisation is not the solution to leaving the EU.

The author (who reads this audiobook) reveals how Brexit will:

*make the UK poorer

*leave industries like pharmaceuticals and finance struggling to operate

*threatens to break up the United Kingdom

In brief, it paints the real picture of a country about to undergo a sharp and self-inflicted isolation.

In the run up to the EU referendum in 2016, the British cabinet minister Michael Gove said that the British public had had enough of experts. Ian Dunt disagrees. This is a book is for people who believe in evidence and reason.


'Magnificent' - Ben Goldacre

'Excellent. A must-read. Harass every MP until they read Dunt's book' - AC Grayling

'I would strongly recommend this excellent guide. Dunt has taken the extraordinary step of asking a set of experts what they think. I learnt a lot.' - Philip Collins, Prospect

'A definitive account of just how much confusion and ignorance has surrounded this entire debate.' - James O'Brien, LBC

'I would encourage anyone who is confused, fascinated or frustrated by Brexit to read this book. You will be far wiser by the end of it.'
- Caroline Lucas, Co-Leader, Green Party

'If you are looking for a good guide to Brexit and what comes next, I can recommend What the Hell Happens Now?' - Tom Watson, Deputy Leader, Labour Party
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Wydawca: Canbury Press Ltd
Data wydania: 2017-12-01
Czas trwania: 3H 38M
ISBN: 9780995497849

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