The Traitor - Jonathan Holt

The Traitor

The Traitor

4.0 1 5 Autor: Jonathan Holt Czyta: Michael Fenner
The sensational final thriller in the Carnivia Trilogy, from a Sunday Times bestseller. He died in the darkness, surrounded by friends. They found him at sunrise, on Venice's most popular beach. His throat had been cut, his tongue removed. Captain Kat Tapo suspects a Masonic murder. The brotherhood won't give up its secrets to a policewoman – but Kat won't give up the hunt. She'll use all the allies she has: friends, lovers, hackers, spies. But shocking truths about the case are about to come to light. And when they do, it will be a race against time to unlock the secrets of Italy's past – before Venice itself starts to burn... This is the third novel in a trilogy of stylish and intelligent thrillers set in Venice from Jonathan Holt who, under the name J.P. Delaney, is also the author of the Sunday Times bestselling psychological thrillers THE GIRL BEFORE and BELIEVE ME. Reviews for the Carnivia Trilogy: 'A genuinely thrilling thriller that is also an illuminating portrait of a particular world ... A terrific book' Literary Review. 'Tense and mind-bending' Daily Telegraph. 'Breathtaking ... A truly haunting glimpse into a mysterious shadow world' New York Times. 'Impressive ... The characters are strong and Venice is a magnificent backdrop for a story of secrets and lies' Daily Mail. 'A cracking, upmarket thriller ... A rare entertainment for the thinking deckchair reader' Saga Magazine.
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Wydawca: Lamplight Audiobooks
Data wydania: 2015-07-02
Czas trwania: 10H 22M
ISBN: 9781510001169

Wydawca: Head of Zeus
Data wydania: 2015-05-07
ISBN: 9781781853740

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