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A Guide to Agile Shift

A Guide to Agile Shift

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The framework is comprised of five principles and five practices for the whole organization. In addition to an iterative delivery method comprising roles, competencies, workflow, tools and techniques.

• Encouraging the whole organization to be comfortable with and embrace the need for change and transformation.

• Demonstrating how a culture of enterprise agility is beneficial to organizations dealing with transformation, and identifying common barriers to success.

• Providing an overview of common Agile ways of working and how they relate to enterprise agility.

• Providing a simple agile framework for organizations and teams to adopt and embed.


AgileSHIFT has been designed to be used by the entire organization, regardless of role, function or seniority. By thoroughly enabling the whole organization to learn and understand the value and benefits of agility, where and how it should be adopted, the organization can begin to transform.

In short, this guide should be of interest and value to anyone working in any public, private or third sector (i.e voluntary, non-governmental, not for profit) organization today.
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Wydawca: TSO
Data wydania: 2019-01-07
ISBN: 9780113316113

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