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This is not a theory book that discusses academic concepts of the digital capability, but rather a practical field book that describes the proven digital capabilities as the building blocks of digital transformation and the approach to assessment and improvement of the digital capabilities to achieve successful digital transformation. This book therefore caters best for digital 'practitioners' including IT professionals, marketers and sales reps as well as digital consultants and digital planners.

The Digital Capability Model in this book consists of 12 mega capabilities and 77 capabilities, where a mega capability is comprised of a set of capabilities. This book is organized to describe the CAPABILITIES and their MATURITY LEVELS individually according to the taxonomy of the Model. A digital capability is defined in this book as an organizational capacity to produce intended business outcome by combining process, people and technology elements in a way that is unique to each organization.

Process element includes process flow, input & output information, and business rules & policies. People element includes organizational structure, and roles, responsibilities & skills. Technology element includes applications, data, and infrastructure around digital technology. The Social Listening capability is for example defined as an organizational capacity to understand what users are talking about on social media and use that for business by combining its well-defined processes, people, and technologies.

The Model is comprehensive in scope, making it best suited for those who desire to have a broad understanding of the entire scope of digital capabilities and wish to obtain the cross-boundary, multi-disciplinary knowledge across business and technology.

"Many organizations find it difficult to establish a robust yet agile framework for their digital operations. This book is all about a ready-made, yet highly-customizable solution to this challenge. The author suggests thinking of digital capabilities as the building blocks for digital transformation and describes each capability in great detail. Organizations can simply pick and choose those digital capabilities they consider relevant to them, to build their own digital framework. Reading this book and following the steps will put you firmly on the road to achieving dominance in the digital space and providing your customers with consistent, memorable user experiences that will keep them coming back for more." – David Lee, Director Process Innovation, Samsung America.

"I was lucky enough to be there when Jace first started to codify his wholistic understanding of digital operations into the Digital Capability Model. As I read through this book four years later, I again see the clarity of his communication, the value of his expansive perspective and the sheer usefulness of this tool. The Model is thorough and intricate, well thought out and well explained. The value of this whole of capability model is tremendous and should become the standard against which digital business is measured." - Nick Crowther, Managing Director, Freerange Future (Webby Awards and SxSW Interactive Awards winner).

"A must read for anyone already involved in digital transformation, or wanting to learn how best they can implement and improve their digital operations. Rather than delivering generic and superficial statements about digital transformation, this book covers the essentials of proven digital capabilities and shows you how to use these to implement digital transformation practically. The unified model of Digital Capabilities provides a crash course that introduces readers to all the various aspects of digital transformation. If you're looking for a proven, practical digital framework, this book will exceed your expectations significantly." Jay Jung, Customer & Digital Adviser, Ernst & Young.
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