A Garland for Girls - Louisa May Alcott

A Garland for Girls

Czyta: C.M. Hébert
Format: Audiobook & E-book

A Garland for Girls

Czyta: C.M. Hébert
Format: Audiobook & E-book
6H 58M
Louisa May Alcott’s lively and heartwarming stories are favorites with young readers everywhere. A Garland for Girls will be especially welcomed by those who read and treasure all of the famous books by this great American author.

Using real life boys and girls as the characters in her fascinating chronicles, Miss Alcott has written a series of delightful stories, filled with sunshine and encouragement. Her interesting plots, surprise endings, and understanding of people make fascinating reading from cover to cover.

Rich girls, poor girls, haughty girls, timid girls, clever girls, and silly girls—all the sorts of girls who make a world—float through these pages, and before you have finished you will feel that you have known each one, almost as well as your own best friends.
Data wydania: 2006-01-01
ISBN: 9781481560214
Wydawca: Andrews UK
Data wydania: 2012-06-15
ISBN: 9781781663462

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