H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction - H.P. Lovecraft

H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction

H. P. Lovecraft: The Complete Fiction

3,56 54 5 Autor: H.P. Lovecraft Czyta: John Miller, Paul Phillips, Adrian Griffin

01. The Nameless City
02. The Festival
03. The Colour Out of Space
05. The Call of Cthulhu
08-17. The Dunwich Horror
18-25. The Whisperer in Darkness
26-27. The Dreams in the Witch House
28.The Haunter of the Dark
29-33. The Shadow Over Innsmouth
34.Discarded Draft of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth"
35-42. The Shadow Out of Time
43-54. At the Mountains of Madness
55-80.The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
81. Azathoth
82. Beyond the Wall of Sleep
83. Celephaïs
84. Cool Air
85. Dagon
86. Ex Oblivione
87-88. Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family
89. From Beyond
90. He
91-96. Herbert West-Reanimator
97. Hypnos
98. In the Vault
99. Memory
100. Nyarlathotep
101. Pickman's Model
102. The Book
The Cats of Ulthar
104. The Descendant
105. The Doom That Came to Sarnath
106-111. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath
112. The Evil Clergyman
113. The Horror at Red Hook
120-121.The Hound
122-125. The Lurking Fear
126. The Moon-Bog
127. The Music of Erich Zann
128. The Other Gods
129. The Outsider
130. The Picture in the House
131. The Quest of Iranon
132. The Rats in the Walls
133-137. The Shunned House
138. The Silver Key
139. The Statement of Randolph Carter
140. The Strange High House in the Mist
141. The Street
142. The Terrible Old Man
143-147. The Thing on the Doorstep
148. The Tomb
149. The Transition of Juan Romero
150. The Tree
151. The Unnamable
152. The White Ship
153. What the Moon Brings
154. Polaris
155. The Very Old Folk
156. Ibid
157 Old Bugs
158-164. Sweet Ermengarde, or, The Heart of a Country Girl
165. A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson
166. The History of the Necronomicon
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Wydawca: Doom Classics
Data wydania: 2019-06-22
Czas trwania: 47H 51M
ISBN: 9782291064121

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