Running A Coaching Business - John Hawkins

Running A Coaching Business

Running A Coaching Business

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Learn How to Make Money Using Your Current Skills - And Help People At The Same Time! Have You Ever Considered Personal Coaching?

Are you interested in boosting your current income? Stupid question right... Of course you are! Well how about this question; have you ever considered becoming a personal coach?

You might still be saying 'dumb question', 'I don't want anything to do with coaching people' ...but don't be so hasty! Becoming a personal coach is not only possible, it is also rewarding!

In your years as an entrepreneur (or at your job) you have probably built a vast array of skills that you could pass on to other people. People that will pay you hard earned cash because they want speed up their own learning process.

You get paid cash money, and your client get's to learn from your experience to avoid the same mistakes you made along the way.

This introductory eBook will open your eyes to the powers (and benefits) of running your own coaching biz. Not only that, it will also share the basic information you need to get your first offer up and running ASAP!

Below are the information that you are about to learn:

* So You Wanna Be a Coach?
* Why Become a Coach
* Credentials Needed to be a Coach
* Choosing Your Coaching Niche
* Coaching Pricing Options
* Coaching Best Practices
* What to Avoid When Coaching
* Designing a Marketing Strategy
* Selling Your Coaching Services
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Data wydania: 2019-06-19
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ISBN: 9781982759858

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