Heavenly Rewards: Living with Eternity in Sight - Mark Hitchcock

Heavenly Rewards: Living with Eternity in Sight

Heavenly Rewards: Living with Eternity in Sight

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Are You Living in Light of Eternity?

It's difficult to imagine eternal life. But when you've got only one life and you know there is coming a day when you will stand before God, it's important to consider whether you're living each day like your life depends on it.

If you're a Christian, the good news is God's judgment isn't about determining your salvation-it's about rewarding your faithfulness. Salvation cannot be earned-it's already yours.

In Heavenly Rewards you will uncover fascinating truths about how the life you live today determines your life in eternity. You will learn tangible ways you can please the Lord in your everyday living; discover that your labor and sacrifices are never in vain (God is a faithful rewarder); and see the benefits of living faithfully and enduring through even the most difficult times.

Yes, your faithfulness will be rewarded. God knows the smallest details of your days, and He wants to acknowledge your every act you've done for Him.

Living well with an eternal perspective really can change your life-for good.
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Wydawca: christianaudio
Data wydania: 2019-07-30
Czas trwania: 5H 17M
ISBN: 9781545912010

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