Father Giles of Ballymoy - Anthony Trollope

Father Giles of Ballymoy

Father Giles of Ballymoy

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Born in London on 24th April 1815 Anthony Trollope is considered a giant of English literature. His early schooling was at Harrow and Sunbury. Here, he was often bullied due to the family’s reduced financial means. His bad tempered father seemed to be full of energy but unable to execute any idea into a regular income.

In 1834 Trollope moved with his family to Bruges in Belgium to escape the debt collectors pursuing his father. With an offer of work for the General Post Office he returned to London later that same year. The next 7 years were, by his own account, unproductive and miserable. However, in 1841 a chance to move to Ireland for the GPO availed itself and he took it.

During his long travels around Ireland he now began to write extensively often setting himself a schedule about how many words to write in a day.

In 1851 he was sent to England to organise rural delivery. In this period he began to nurture the first of the six Barsetshire novels “The Warden’ which was published in 1855.

In his prolific career he wrote 47 novels as well as many short stories and travel books.

On 6th December, 1882 he died in London and is buried at Kensal Green Cemetery in London.
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Wydawca: Miniature Masterpiece
Data wydania: 2019-05-03
ISBN: 9781787805200

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