Chinese Mythology - Bernard Hayes

Chinese Mythology

Chinese Mythology

2,67 3 5 Autor: Bernard Hayes Czyta: Zachary Dylan Brown
Some of us may be familiar with Chinese mythology, and to others, it’s a complete mystery. The Chinese had a lot of gods and goddesses, and in this ancient, historical country, with all the empires and dynasties, a plethora of legends and stories developed. Listen to Chinese mythology and learn about subtopics such as:

The meaning of the Chinese Moon Festival and its background. Lu Xun’s China and a historical overview. Wu Gang, Tang Emperor Xuan Zong, and Lady Chang Er. The significance of Moon cakes and the traditional foods during the festival. Chinese dynasties, and the main gods and goddesses in Chinese Mythology.

If we desire to understand more about the ancient Orient, then it’s time to listen to an audiobook and start studying, so we can go back to where all the traditions and background started.
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Wydawca: Bernard Hayes
Data wydania: 2018-05-16
Czas trwania: 1H 2M
ISBN: 9781094242187

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