Native American Mythology - Bernard Hayes

Native American Mythology

Native American Mythology

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Stretching from the north to the south of the Western Hemisphere, the indigenous Americans have a long-forgotten history, and with that, myths, legends, and stories that have been passed on through generations. Many of them were in tune with nature and had their rituals, beliefs, and mythological creatures. In this guide, you’ll hear about:

Native American gods and goddesses that were worshiped by the aboriginals.Some historical background, and the connection to their beliefs. The most important, best-known legends that have been told and written on cave walls. Stories that have been told on the American continent about the creation of the world. The myths and truths about supernatural powers shaman and other native Americans had (or didn’t have). Native American beliefs about birth, death, and the afterlife.

To get a grasp of the original inhabitants of the United States, Canada, and Latin American nations, it is crucial to understand the roots of where it all came from and what was going on in people’s minds before the European settlers arrived.
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