Truly Deadly - Rob Aspinall

Truly Deadly

Truly Deadly

4 2 5 Autor: Rob Aspinall Czyta: Ella Lynch
Biggest. Identity crisis. Ever.

First came the heart transplant.

Then I activated the list.

And now a secret organisation wants me dead.

It all started with the dreams. The crazy new skills and behaviours. The crush on the one person I CAN'T be crushing on.

Turns out my donor had a talent for killing. And I inherited far more than his heart. Now I'm on the run. Only a dead assassin's instincts for company.

Will I survive? Will you? All I know is there’ll be blood, bullets and weird stuff you’re not gonna believe. But if you’re happy to white-knuckle it and don’t mind a few bits of sick in your hair, we might just make it out alive. (Might.)

Will life ever get back to normal for 16 year-old Lorna Walker? Will she survive long enough to make it to the next page?

Find out, in the action-filled, humour-packed series that will absolutely, positively kick your behind.

Recommended for age 16 (Contains violence. Not for the faint hearted.)
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Dla młodzieży Seria: Truly Deadly: 1 Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Rob Aspinall Books
Data wydania: 2019-03-06
Czas trwania: 6H 5M
ISBN: 9781987187410

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