Sin & Savage - Anna Mara

Sin & Savage

Sin & Savage

3,36 14 5 Autor: Anna Mara Czyta: Amy Melissa Bentley
One Stubborn Texas Belle... Tori Jones is the light of her small town. Sweet but full of grit, she's always the first one to help. Just once please, she'd like a quiet weekend to herself. Too bad her Nana has a big problem.

One Feisty Senior Citizen... Nana Estelle loves her cigarettes, whiskey, and big hair, but most of all, she loves Tori. Too bad her boyfriend has run off with her money and she needs Tori to track the crook down.

One Tough Outlaw Biker... Savage Monroe solves problems with his fists, although baseball bats work just fine too! Living in Vegas, he rides with a gang, always looking for his next big score. Too bad for Tori that his "next big score" is her.

One Chance Meeting... When fate crosses the paths of these three, sparks start flying. Tori hates Savage. Nana loves Savage. Savage hates everybody.

One Insane Deal... Nana makes Savage an offer. Act as Tori's bodyguard in Sin City while she looks for the thief and he'll be paid handsomely. The biker agrees. The only problem? Can he be trusted with Tori?
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Romans Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: Tantor Audio
Data wydania: 2019-09-18
Czas trwania: 13H 34M
ISBN: 9781515942962

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