What Kitty Did Next - Carrie Kablean

What Kitty Did Next

What Kitty Did Next

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England, 1813. Kitty Bennet lives in the shadow of her two elder sisters, both of whom have made excellent

marriages. Left at home in rural Hertfordshire with a querulous mother and a father who dismisses her as silly and ignorant, Kitty is lonely and desperate to escape. So when her world unexpectedly expands to London and then to her sister Elizabeth's magnificent estate in Derbyshire, Kitty is overjoyed. Keen to impress this new society, she resolves to improve her mind and manners. She makes new friends, notably Georgiana Darcy, and attracts the attention of more than one eligible gentleman. All goes well, until one fateful night at Pemberley, when a series of events conspires to ruin Kitty's reputation and she is sent home in disgrace. Her hopes and dreams are dashed... but Kitty is resilient. She has learnt from her experiences, and what she does next will surprise everyone, including herself.

Beautifully written in a style that evokes Jane Austen's spirit and time, What Kitty Did Next charts one young woman's struggle to overcome the obstacles of her era and truly find herself. This book is a must read for all Pride and Prejudice fans.
Język: Angielski Kategoria: Powieść obyczajowa Tłumaczenie:

Wydawca: RedDoor Press
Data wydania: 2019-09-24
ISBN: 9781913227340

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