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Deadly Reigns II

Autor: Teri Woods Czyta: Katherine Dollison Audiobook

Damian, Dante, and Princess Reigns, America’s most notoriously violent crime family is back, except this time, they’re not at war with each other. They’re at war with an enemy they can’t see, an enemy who has more political power than they and is backed by an even more powerful secret entity. Can they stand united and survive a war waged against them by El Jeffe, the Commission, and the FBI?

The family’s only hope is in the hands of the brother that despised them all, Dajon Reigns. Deeply inexperienced and totally out of his depth, Dajon takes on the treacherous waters of the narcotics underworld as well as the high and mighty world of international politics to save his family from complete and total destruction.

The stakes are high as the Reigns Empire is on the verge of collapse and the Reigns family is on the verge of demise. Will the Reigns family survive this deadly storm or be torn apart forever?

© 2019 Urban Audiobooks (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781982655235