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Ghosts of War

Autor: Brad Taylor E-book

This danger is far greater than a single attack.

The Taskforce – a highly clandestine Special Forces unit – is on edge. Tensions are boiling over between the East and the West. One strike forces nations to start taking sides and seeking revenge.

Only the Taskforce knows the escalation was a false flag attack. What they don't know is who was responsible. They're in a race to uncover the culprit before the point of no return, before the start of WW3.

Praise for Brad Taylor:

'It's an excellent read, and I greatly enjoyed it' Nelson DeMille.

'Pike ranks right up there with Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher and Jack Bauer' John Lescroart.

'Logan is a tough, appealing hero you're sure to root for' Joseph Finder.

'Fresh plot, great actions, and Taylor clearly knows what he is writing about' Vince Flynn.

© 2020 Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book (E-book) ISBN: 9781800241831

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