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Autor: Teri Woods, Ace Czyta: Katherine Dollison Audiobook

A gritty and realistic tale set in Detroit amidst the late eighties and early nineties, Predators will grip you from the opening chapters and take you on an unbelievable, blood-soaked journey. Set amidst the decline of the traditional players, pimps, and smooth hustlers, and the emerging times of the drug lords and their violent methodologies, the streets of Motown finds itself thrust into a cataclysmic battle between the old ways and the new.

As the shakedown occurs, new enemies and alliances are made and broken, revenge and double revenge are the order of the day. Masochism and sadism are the tools of the trade. Trust no one, watch everything and pray that your survival instincts kick into high gear. In this town, there are only two things: predators and prey.

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