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The Plans We Made

Autor: Kathryn Cushman, Lauren Beccue Czyta: Natalie Duke Audiobook

When past secrets hold the key to hope for the future...

CAROLINE CHAPMAN is reeling from a broken engagement. Determined to start again, she moves cross-country for her dream job of planning events in the historical mansions of Neport, Rhode Island. Just as her life is getting back on track, she gets an email that shakes her very foundations.

LINDA RILEY'S life looks picture perfect- a wonderful husband, two great kids, involved in church and the community. Then comes the diagnosis that shatters the facade. In order to save her son's life, she must reveal secrets that can rip everything apart.

Connected by more than painful circumstances, these two women discover a sacred bond. In this beautiful story of love, loss, and the fight for life, Caroline and Linda discover the reality that things don't always go according to The Plans We Made.

© 2020 Seventh Pew Press (Audiobook) ISBN: 9781664921795

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