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The Trial of Dr Crippen: The Most Famous English Murderer: A gripping courtroom drama based on the original trial transcript

Autor: Mr Punch Czyta: Andrew Sachs, Andrew Wincott, Teresa Gallagher, Geoffrey Whitehead, Howard Ward, Robin Welch, John Baddeley, Norman Bird Audiobook

The Trial of Dr Crippen – The Most Famous English Murderer

Mild-mannered Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen committed one of the most notorious English murders of the 20th Century.

In early 1910 he dismembered his wife's body and buried the remains in the coal cellar of the house they shared in Hilldrop Crescent, London. Arrested with his lover, Ethel Le Neve, who was disguised as his son, as they tried to escape to Canada aboard the SS Montrose.

His subsequent trial at the Old Bailey was expected to be a mere formality, but Dr Crippen pleaded 'Not Guilty!', and so begins this strangely moving tale of passion and despair.

A full-cast dramatization starring ANDREW SACHS as Dr Hawley Harvey Crippen, with Norman Bird, John Baddeley, Geoffrey Whitehead, Teresa Gallagher, Howard Ward, Robin Welch and Andrew Wincott.

Also available as part of the Great British Trials BOX SET.

The series Great British Trials provides a fascinating glimpse into some of the most notorious crimes and trials of the last 500 years. Using the original trial transcripts, eyewitness accounts and contemporary newspaper reports, we witness the actual events that made each trial a cause célèbre of its day.

“Mr Punch is going from strength to strength, continuing their good run of classy audio...” Talking Business

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