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Triangle of Sins

Autor: Nurit Folkes Czyta: Katherine Dollison Audiobook

Natalia Foles, a gorgeous, educated, and intelligent heiress, lives the life of dreams. With a handsome, adoring fiancé well on his way to the heights of Wall Street, a fabulous career as a motivational speaker, and enough wealth to afford her a life of luxury, Natalia seems to have it all …

Until one day when a powerful and dangerous drug lord abducts her from her Long Island home and holds her captive as he decides her fate.

What begins as a deadly plot of revenge turns into a twisted tale of murder, lust, and love.

Triangle of Sins is the explosive story of Natalia’s insatiable desire for Shawn Wilson, a young, ruthless gangster who commands respect at any cost, and her love for Marco Delucchio, a respected businessman who wants nothing less than all of her.

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