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Tyrannosaurus Drip

Autor: Julia Donaldson Czyta: Imelda Staunton Audiobook

A brilliantly funny story all about celebrating difference, from the stellar picture-book partnership of Julia Donaldson and David Roberts – perfect for young dinosaur fans everywhere!

Everyone knows that tyrannosauruses are big and scary, so when a placid duckbill dinosaur's egg ends up in the wrong nest, confusion is sure to ensue! When the baby dinosaur hatches out, he's so out of place that his grisly big sisters call him Tyrannosaurus Drip. Poor little Drip: all he wants is a quiet life munching on water weed . . .

Read aloud by Imelda Staunton, Tyrannosaurus Drip is a fantastic rhyming adventure story from Julia Donaldson, bestselling author of The Gruffalo. This roar-tastic book all about celebrating difference is sure to become a firm favourite with young dinosaur fans.

Enjoy the other stories by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts: The Troll, Jack and the Flumflum Tree, The Flying Bath and The Cook and the King.

© 2008 Macmillan Digital Audio (Audiobook) ISBN: 9780230737815

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