Happiness: The Top 100 Best Ways To Feel Good & Be Happy - Ace McCloud

Happiness: The Top 100 Best Ways To Feel Good & Be Happy

Happiness: The Top 100 Best Ways To Feel Good & Be Happy

4,67 3 5 Автор: Ace McCloud Чтец: Joshua Mackey
How long has it been since you felt truly happy? Do you long for joy to fill your heart?
Whether you want to (1) defeat fear and dread, (2) learn to look on the bright side of life, or (3) find a way to stop feeling so miserable, this audiobook will teach you everything you need to know.
Is the drudgery of your life keeping your spirits low?
Happiness is an emotion we all welcome. By focusing on the four main core areas of life - health, relationships, career, and personal development - you will learn how to easily bring more happiness into your life on a consistent basis. Strategies in this audiobook will help you re-fill your glass each day with happiness, so you can maintain your emotional joy over the long term.
Smile more.
Experiments have shown that smiling increases your happiness. This audiobook covers a variety of body movements and smiling techniques that will have you feeling great each day.
You can choose to be happy.
Happiness is - ultimately - your choice. 40% of our happiness is not determined by genetics, nor by our circumstances; it is completely under our control! As you continue exercising your happiness muscles, you will be building habits that lead to a consistent state of happiness.
You can be filled with hope, even in difficult times.
I'd be lying if I said we can feel happy 100% of the time; some experiences just call for anger or grief. However, you can balance your inner life so that happiness is your default mode, the way you feel generally.
See just how great you can make your life: Listen Now!
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Издатель: Author's Republic
Опубликовано: 2020-11-08
Длительность: 1Ч 26М
ISBN: 9781662153686

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