Quantum Memory Power

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UNLEASH YOUR MEMORY POWER! Dominic O'Brien is the record breaking 8-time World Memory Champion and the current Senior World Champion. In the record books for memorizing 54 decks of playing cards after a single sighting of each card, Dominic can easily memorize a sequence of 2000 numbers in less than an hour. Still appearing regularly on television this champion is willing to share with you his ultimate tools for developing the perfect memory. Let him teach you how to harness and unleash your memory power so you will have unlimited capacity and be able to remember names, faces, numbers, birthdays, dates, appointments, speeches, or any sequence of numbers you want.

Quantum Memory Power provides practical applications and exercises to test and strengthen your abilities. By engaging your imagination and creative powers you will gain speed, accuracy and poise in the development of your own quantum memory powers.
You will learn:
• • How your brain operates
• • To improve your decision-making powers
• • How to remember directions
• • To develop laser-sharp concentration
• • How to build a mental fact file
• • To increase your self-confidence

The techniques, systems and strategies in Quantum Memory Power are unrivaled. Dominic has devised each and every one of them from his own trials and errors. The result is a powerful system that will unleash memory powers you never knew you had. Come, join him and take the journey of a lifetime.
Язык: английский Жанр: Психология Переводчик:

Издатель: G&D Media
Опубликовано: 2020-09-21
ISBN: 9781722524296

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