The Thirteen Curses - Michelle Harrison

The Thirteen Curses

The Thirteen Curses

3.0 2 5 Автор: Michelle Harrison Чтец: Nicky Diss
The fairies stole her brother . . . . . . and now Red is trapped. In the dangerous fairy realm, she strikes a bargain. Her brother will be returned, but only if she can complete a perilous magical quest in the human world. If she fails, she will lose him - and her own freedom - for ever. With the help of Tanya and Fabian, Red's desperate task begins - but a shocking discovery turns it into a race against time. And even if the friends succeed, will the fairies keep their promise? 'A charming and inventive tale.' The Times 'Harrison creates a genuinely menacing atmosphere… what sounds like a traditional tale twists into darkness and malevolence' The Daily Mail 'Harrison has a knack for creating stories so engrossing you won’t notice when the sun begins to rise and you are still reading' Waterstones Books Quarterly 'The Thirteen Curses is so hard to put down it's almost impossible' Wondrous Reads 'An unmissable treat. Combining the faery of Spiderwick with a truly nail-biting thriller' Books Monthly.co.uk
Язык: английский Категория: Детям Переводчик:

Издатель: Simon & Schuster Audio UK
Опубликовано: 2018-10-18
Длительность: 11Ч 7М
ISBN: 9781471176920

Издатель: Simon & Schuster Children's UK
Опубликовано: 2011-07-07
ISBN: 9780857074980

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