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A Year on the Savannah

Автор: Highlights for Children, Ellen Wettersten Чтец: Pete Cross, Highlights for Children Аудиокнига

Highlights Listen & Learn! Audio Studies are the perfect tools for educators, parents, and students. With full lessons that present key comprehension skills, an educational audiobook, and multiple-choice questions, these studies help listeners better understand elements such as plot, characterization, vocabulary, and other essential foundational skills. This Highlights Listen & Learn! Audio Study, intended for those in grade three, introduces listeners to a variety of animals that are native to the savannah in Africa. As listeners learn about these animals, they are also introduced to the multiple seasons that occur, while also spotlighting the Maasai people who have lived in East Africa for centuries. This Audio Study focuses on identifying a sequence of events, how to compare and contrast, and key vocabulary words throughout the nonfiction narrative. Highlights has always been an essential part of childhood, inspiring memorable experiences for generations of families. Highlights' Fun with a Purpose philosophy has helped children grow to become their best selves-curious, creative, caring, and confident. Listen & Learn! Audio Studies will entertain and engage young children while encouraging literacy, self-confidence, and joyful learning!

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