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Bearing Scars

Автор: Layla Nash Чтец: Beth Roeg Аудиокнига

Kara flees a rogue pack to save her own life, but knows she has to go back to save her brother, Nick. Leaving him behind forever, in the evil alpha's clutches, isn't an option. When the rogue wolves chase her, though, Kara faces a lonely death in the woods -- until an enormous bear shifter races in to save her.

Owen fights his ghosts every night in his dreams, but he's ready to fight the evil alpha and his pack every day if it means protecting Kara. When Kara's brother needs rescuing, Owen would go against the bears and the rest of the city to give Kara some peace of mind.

But when the rogue pack demands a trade that endangers Kara, Nick, and most of the bears, how far will Kara go to save her brother? And how much will Owen sacrifice to protect her?

© 2021 Ravenheart Publishing (Аудиокнига) ISBN: 9781662246234

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