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Brain Training: How to use accelerated learning to unlock the unlimited memory potential of your brain to memorize faster and better

Автор: Kevin White Чтец: Eric LaCorde Аудиокнига

Have you ever thought you could train your brain? … Teach him to read intelligently to remember many other things ??

Imagine that you will never forget anything again? Even if there is a 100 times way to process information with respect to the average person, will all this data be stored and remembered?

In Brain Training you will find a practical, easy to use guide, full of exercises, tips and proven techniques to help you train your brain

Find out what active brain learning is and why it is beneficial in the long term.

Know the passive and active formation of the brain, the negative and positive aspects of these practices

In Brain Training you will be able to acquire the right brain training program

Build a better brain:

• Does physical exercise train the brain?

• Habits for a healthier brain

• Exercise, new brain cells and depression

• And more …

Remember that the brain is the main machine for the body.

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