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Carry That Quota: Sales Tactics and Stories By the Rep For the Rep

Автор: Jesse Rothstein Чтец: Adam Barr Аудиокнига

In Carry That Quota, Jesse Rothstein provides an insider’s account of how to succeed in sales. Drawing on more than 15 years of sales experience across multiple fields and continents, Rothstein unpacks numerous essential topics. Chief among them are how to determine if a career in sales is right for you, how to cultivate productive relationships with clients and co-workers while still ensuring one’s professional development, and how to leverage a diverse set of tactics as the field evolves. Underpinning Rothstein’s argument is the belief that sales is a craft—not dissimilar from a doctor performing surgery or a lawyer prosecuting a case—that demands a complex skillset and knowledge. Whether you are just beginning your career in sales, a seasoned executive, or a professional in another field looking to hone your brand, Carry That Quota will equip you with concrete strategies to help you sell yourself and/or service more effectively.

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