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Death on Bull Path

Автор: Carrie Doyle Чтец: Emily Ellet Аудиокнига

Antonia Bingham, chef and proprietor of the Windmill Inn, is looking forward to baking goodies for her customers and relaxing after a busy summer. But when a Labor Day visit by two slick Wall Streeters ends with their gruesome deaths in a summer rental house, Antonia gets pulled into the investigation.Soon she's wading through social media, the local nightclub scene, and other unfamiliar haunts of the young and glamorous, all while managing her inn and restaurant. And the timing couldn't be worse: Nick Darrow, Antonia's movie-star crush, is back in town and ready for a commitment... while the arrival of Antonia's sinister ex-husband threatens to bring everything crashing down.The high season may be over in this, the next installment of Carrie Doyle's delicious Hamptons Murder Mystery series, but Antonia has never been busier: juggling work, recipes, love, and crime?and fighting for her own life!

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