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Family Murder: Pathologies of Love and Hate

Автор: Susan Hatters Friedman, M.D., Groupfor the Advancement of Psychiatry Чтец: Andrea Gallo Аудиокнига

Family Murder: Pathologies of Love and Hate draws on both real-life cases and research data to study the commonalities, differences, and society’s misconceptions about the various forms of murder within the family. Ten forensic psychiatrists, who among them have interviewed hundreds of perpetrators and thousands of individuals affected by family violence, shed new light on crimes such as intimate partner homicide, feticide, child murder by parents, and siblicide as they examine epidemiology and public health implications, the motivations for each subtype of family murder, psychiatric assessment issues, means of prevention of these crimes, and the aftermath.

With a case-based learning approach that is supplemented by expert analysis, Family Murder: Pathologies of Love and Hate brings together an amount of detailed research and psychiatric experience about every type of murder in the family that is unrivaled by any other single source. This is the comprehensive guide for mental health practitioners, child protection workers, criminologists, lawyers, and judges seeking to both prevent and manage these tragic incidents.

© 2020 American Psychiatric Association (Аудиокнига) ISBN: 9780873182249