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Four Blondes

Автор: Candace Bushnell Электронная книга

The New York Times bestseller that “chronicles the glittering lives of semi celebrities, social aspirants, and moneyed folk [with] withering precision” (The New York Times).

From the author of Sex and the City, this collection of novellas tells the stories of four women facing up to the limitations of their rapidly approaching middle age in an era that worships youth. From the former it-girl heroine of “Nice N’Easy,” who each summer looks for a rich man who’ll provide her with a house in the Hamptons, to the narrator of “Single Process,” who goes to London on a hunt for love and a good magazine story, Candace Bushnell brings to life contemporary women in search of something more—when the world is pushing for them to settle for less. Sexy, funny, and “mercilessly satirical” (Publishers Weekly), Four Blondes is a knowing look at what lurks beneath our obsessions with sex, celebrity, and social status.

“Stiletto-sharp wit and dialogue…A compulsive read.”—OK Magazine

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