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Guided Meditations for Anxiety: Self Healing Mindfulness Meditation Techniques to reduce Stress and Panic Attacks (for Beginners)

Автор: Mindfulness Meditation Institute Чтец: Ana Selavy Аудиокнига

If you want to defeat Anxiety in less than one Hour a Day, then keep reading!

Most people find meditation extremely complicated and cannot make their way through the different techniques. What looked like a way to get rid of anxiety and get a more peaceful life, soon becomes a daily duty that does not bring any value and that only increases stress levels.

This is when most practitioners give up, thinking that meditation “is not for them” and move forward, looking for other ways to control their anxiety. Pills and drugs seem a much faster solution, as they require zero effort, besides of course an enormous amount of money. However, it is not a secret that side effects do not take long to appear and when they do, they only bring more problems to the table.

But what if meditation was not as complicated as you think and could really help you get rid of anxiety once and for all? This is exactly what the techniques contained in this book are all about.

Here is what you will discover:
How ancient monks defeated anxiety and inner demons and how you can too3 Secret techniques to defeat anxiety in less than one hour a dayThe single meditation practice that helps you ground yourself in the present momentGuided steps to start meditating today, even if you have zero experienceWhat the Light Warrior is and why it is fundamental for your inner journey
You will not be told to “close your eyes and let the magic happen”, as we know you have heard that a million times by now. Every meditation practice presented in the book is extremely straight forward and provides a concrete plan to improve your mental health.

Even if you have never meditated before and suffer from high anxiety or panic attacks, you can start taking back control in less than 60 minutes per day, thanks to the down-to-Earth, actionable steps presented in this book.

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