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Guided Meditations for Sleep, Anxiety and Self Healing: Beginners Scripts to quiet the Mind, Let Go, overcome Trauma and Stress Relief

Автор: Mindfulness Meditation Institute Чтец: Ana Selavy Аудиокнига

If you want to Sleep Better, defeat Anxiety or Overcome Traumas, then keep reading!

Meditation has been a big part of my life and has helped me in so many ways. From reaching incredible quality of sleep, to getting rid of a life long anxiety, it is unimaginable what our mind is capable of, when it gets into a quiet space.

The problem is most people do not even know this place exists or if they do, they do not understand how to access it. Frankly speaking, “gurus” of all sorts have not made meditation available to the average Joe, often picturing it as a complicated and secret set of techniques.

The idea that meditating is only for a few selected individuals has done more harm than good, distancing a lot of people that could find real benefits from this practice. This is why the theme of this book is to make meditation as straight forward as possible, cutting off all the non-sense that has been going on for the past few years.

Here is what you will discover:
The exact steps you need to follow for having a successful meditation sessionThe one practice that makes everyone fall asleep, even if suffering from sleep conditionsThe secret technique that monks use to fight daily anxiety and how you can tooThe best meditation to overcome past traumas, described step by step
The beauty of meditating is that it does not have to take a lot of your time. Research have shown that 40 to 50 minutes twice a week is more than enough to rip the benefits of meditation. We spent hours and hours taking care of our body, our mind deserves it too!

Do not worry, you will not be told to “close your eyes and let the magic happen”, as we know you have heard that a million times by now. Every meditation practice presented in the book is extremely straight forward and provides a concrete plan to improve your mental health.

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