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Jalan-Jalan: A Journey of Wanderlust and Motherhood

Автор: Margo Weinstein Чтец: Laurel Lefkow Аудиокнига

Can you combine wanderlust and motherhood?

Margo Weinstein did.

For decades, Margo Weinstein escaped her demanding legal practice by kayaking, whitewater rafting, trekking, and climbing in remote regions. Then she had a son and found herself in the kiddie pool on a Disney cruise. Searching for a new path, a jalan-jalan, that could accommodate motherhood and satisfy her wanderlust, she dragged her young son to the other side of the world, moving first to Shanghai and then to Bali.

Adventure seekers and armchair travelers will relish listening to Weinstein’s exploits as she battles baboons in Zimbabwe and surfaces under a capsized raft in Pakistan. Parents will appreciate her efforts to explore the world with a kid in tow and her expat life in a villa where a python on the stairs, a scorpion in the outdoor shower, and Hindu offerings ceremonially placed next to the infinity pool and Wi-Fi router are daily realities.

Told with intelligence, humor, spirit, and Weinstein’s version of practicality, Jalan-Jalan will inspire you to find your path and take the trip of a lifetime.

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