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Kingdom Heroes: Building a Strong Faith That Endures

Автор: Tony Evans Чтец: Mirron Willis Аудиокнига

Are you living by faith?

Daily, each of us must choose between giving in to the world's pressure to trust in ourselves, or yielding to God's desire for us to hand control over our lives to Him. While following God's directions when you don't see immediate results can be difficult, the payoff will always be tremendous.

Join Dr. Tony Evans as he looks at those who are in the Bible's Hall of Faith-Old Testament heroes such as Abraham, Noah, and Rahab, who let God lead their lives-and how their journeys can help you understand what it means to walk in faith. In Kingdom Heroes, you will discover how you can . . .

- commit to giving God your very best in everyday life

- use trials as opportunities to strengthen your faith

- leave a strong spiritual foundation for the generations that follow you

Are you ready to leave the world behind and follow Him? Kingdom Heroes will motivate you to stop relying on your own strength and experience God's unlimited power in your life.

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