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Mental Models: A complete guide with many tools that improve decision-making, logical analysis and problem solving

Автор: Kevin White Чтец: Eric LaCorde Аудиокнига

Do you want to change the patterns to become really effective??

The most incredible solutions are the work of thought.

Who are those who manage to have a brilliant and creative thought? Those who thanks to their thought have obtained wealth, success and happiness?

In this incredible book, you will discover the secret of every successful man and his mental models. Mental models are simply the way you transform what happens in your head, towards the outside world. Ideas, beliefs and imagination all play a role in creating your reality and with the right models: you can easily become the best version of you and your ideas.

In "Mental Models", you will:

- Learn how decision making works, and how to trick your mind into making better decisions,
- Discover how to control thought chains,
- Become highly motivated to do anything you'd like to Get the exact models that the most successful people use to succeed in life.

And much, much more!

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