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My Life as a Rat

Автор: Joyce Carol Oates Чтец: Sadie Alexandru Аудиокнига

A brilliant and thought-provoking novel about family, loyalty and betrayal
Once I’d been Daddy’s favourite. Before something terrible happened.

Violet Rue is the baby of the seven Kerrigan children and adores her big brothers. What’s more, she knows that a family protects its own. To go outside the family – to betray the family – is unforgiveable. So when she overhears a conversation not meant for her ears and discovers that her brothers have committed a heinous crime, she is torn between her loyalty to her family and her sense of justice. The decision she takes will change her life for ever.

Exploring racism, misogyny, community, family, loyalty, sexuality and identity, this is a dark story with a tense and propulsive atmosphere – Joyce Carol Oates at her very best.

© 2019 Fourth Estate (Аудиокнига) ISBN: 9780008330699

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