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Navigating a World of Grace: The Promise of Generous Orthodoxy

Автор: Graham Tomlin Электронная книга

‘A powerful defence of Christian orthodoxy, opening up its expansive, generous and life-giving vision.’ ALISTER McGRATH

‘Learned and wise, this is a book that achieves what even many Christians may find a startling feat: a demonstration that orthodoxy is far more radical & interesting a concept than heresy.’ TOM HOLLAND

‘Generous orthodoxy’ is a liberating outlook that encourages the Church to embrace different traditions of belief, worship and prayer within a broad framework of Christian faith.

But is it really possible to be both generous and orthodox?

In Navigating a World of Grace, Graham Tomlin offers his own invigorating vision of a generous orthodoxy that is rooted in the creeds’ description of a God who is, by nature, the essence of generous grace. Looking at the history of the church, he explores how orthodoxy can enrich and enhance our perception of the world. Rather than restricting us, it liberates us to be generous in our expressions of faith.

This tantalizingly different theology, that brings together the best from every tradition, shows why orthodoxy is so important to the Christian faith – and how it can bring us together as a revitalized, unified and visionary Church.

Accessible and insightful, Navigating a World of Grace acts as a companion volume to The Bond of Peace but can also be read by itself as an exploration and celebration how Christians of all denominations can show generosity and grace in embracing different traditions of worship while remaining united by a single orthodoxy of faith.

Ideal reading for anyone wanting to understand the meaning of generous orthodoxy better or how we can engage with different parts of the church with grace, this is an encouraging and inspiring vision for the future of the church. Navigating a World of Grace challenges us to see that adopting an attitude of generosity towards other Christians and those outside the Christian faith is part of orthodoxy, and will result in a deeper, fuller experience of God than we can possibly imagine.

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