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Not Yet Married

Автор: Marshall Segal Чтец: Adam Verner Аудиокнига

Learn to live and date for more than marriage.

Many of you grew up assuming that marriage would meet all of your needs and unlock God’s purposes for you. But God has far more planned for you than your future marriage. Not Yet Married is not about waiting quietly in the corner of the world for God to bring you “the one” but about inspiring you to live and date for more now.

If you follow Jesus, the search for a spouse is no longer a pursuit of perfection but a mutually flawed pursuit of Him. He will likely write a love story for you different from the one you would have written for yourself, but that’s because he loves you and knows how to write a better story. Trust him, and he will help you find real hope, happiness, and purpose in your not-yet-married life.

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