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Terminal Boredom: Stories

Автор: Izumi Suzuki Чтец: Cindy Kay Аудиокнига и Электронная книга

The first English language publication of the work of Izumi Suzuki, a legend of Japanese science fiction and a countercultural icon.

At turns nonchalantly hip and charmingly deranged, Suzuki's singular slant on speculative fiction would be echoed in countless later works, from Margaret Atwood and Harumi Murakami, to Black Mirror and Ex Machina. In these darkly playful and punky stories, the fantastical elements are always earthed by the universal pettiness of strife between the sexes, and the gritty reality of life on the lower rungs, whatever planet that ladder might be on.

Translated by Polly Barton, Sam Bett, David Boyd, Daniel Joseph, Aiko Masubuchi, and Helen O'Horan.

© 2021 Tantor Audio (Аудиокнига) ISBN: 9781666102840 © 2021 Verso (Электронная книга) ISBN: 9781788739894


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