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The Adventures of the Elves 2: The Sorceress, Black Raven

Автор: Peter Gotthardt Чтец: Jennifer Wagstaffe Аудиокнига и Электронная книга

Continuing the entertaining and beautiful saga about the elves’ adventures, "The Sorceress, Black Raven" is about a tournament taking place in the king’s court. Acorn, our young and brave protagonist, is among the participating knights. As he is about to start, however, a raven flies towards the king and snatches his crown. And, of course, it is up to Acorn and Rosehip to follow the bird and retrieve the crown. Their remarkable adventure is marked by new friendships, dangerous situations, and sudden twists of the fate. Once you are in the story, you will not want it to end.

"The Adventures of the Elves" is a children’s series, focusing on the life and adventures of the royal court of the elves, and how they fight their enemies and stand their ground. The various adventures and turns of the fate are extremely entertaining, turning the series into a recommended reading for children.

Peter Gotthardt (b. 1946) is a Danish writer of children’s books, mainly in the genre of fantasy. Until 2006 he worked as a public librarian, but then moved to writing books instead of lending and watching over them. His first book came in 1984, and since then has written more than 60 books. Gotthardt’s fiction is characterized by fantasy and mystical adventures, earning him a lot of literary trophies. His best known works are "The Adventures of the Elves", "The Enchanted Castle", and "The Magical Falcon".

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